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Team Members

DoAbility was founded in 2002 by Tom & Sophia Taylor to support and provide an opportunity for all to be independent. We have grown the business over more than 15 years, maintaining our passion to enhance independence, participation and quality of life. At DoAbility we understand the desire to be treated as normally as possible. This is constantly in the back of our minds when selecting the products we provide. The DoAbility Team
  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor
    Managing Director
  • Sandra Licciardo
    Sandra Licciardo
    National Paediatric Manager
  • Sophia Taylor
    Sophia Taylor
    Accounts & Customer Service
  • Emily Caruana
    Emily Caruana
    Sales & Customer Service
  • Sally Taylor
    Sally Taylor
    All Round Go-Getter.
  • Maurice Andreetta
    Maurice Andreetta
    Service & Sales
  • Paul Molnar
    Paul Molnar
    Courier & Service
  • Mary Giftopolous
    Mary Giftopolous
    Marketing & Sales