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Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows

Pillows are hand-made from a special soft, highly porous foam with an open cell structure, this means that it has much greater 'breathability' than ordinary pillows.

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Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows


Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows have 7 Features

1. Breathability

Pillows are hand-made from a special soft, highly porous foam with an open cell structure, this means that it has much greater 'breathability' than ordinary pillows.

2. Profiled Surface

Have gentle, rippled surface which provides a profusion of air spaces between the surface of the pillow and the micromesh cover.

This means that air can pass more freely over the surface of the pillow, even when supporting the weight of a sleeping person's head.

In these pictures, the 'rippled' surface is greatly exaggerated, to show how it works. The actual pillow has a very smoothly rippled surface.

3. Cervi-Shaped

Are subtly shaped to provide gentle support for the neck (the cervical spine).

This means that Sleep-Safe supports the neck and spine in alignment, helping to maintain unobstructed breathing.

4. Hypoallergenic no adhesives or welding chemicals

Are used in making Sleep-Safe pillows, this means that there are no volatile leftovers to cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks or breathing difficulties.

5. Easily washable

Can be washed and dried in one piece, because the micromesh cover is permanent and doesn't need to be removed.

This means that house dust mites and airborne particles which cause allergic reactions or breathing difficulties can be washed out of the entire pillow in a single wash.

6. Aero-Cavity Construction

A flexible, air filled cavity within the Sleep-Safe pillow.

7. Thru-Channelling

Breathable air ducts formed through the Sleep-Safe pillow

The Aero-Cavity and Thru-Channelling work together, This means that Sleep-Safe is a 'Dynamic' pillow with unique advantages - any head movement pumps air from the Aero-Cavity across the Thru-Channelling to pass around the head and help prevent suffocation.

Who Else Uses Sleep-Safe Pillows ?

  • Leading health and social care providers in the UK, USA and Europe are providing Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows to protect their patients / residents / service users with epilepsy and other seizure disorders, among them:
  • Charing Cross Place Hospital - referral centre for neurosurgery which houses the serious injuries centre for west London, utilising Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust's expertise in critical medical care
  • Calderstones NHS Trust - 40 community units housing people with learning disabilities
  • Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust - 107 community units housing people with learning disabilities
  • The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy - the UK's leading provider of education, assessment, rehabilitation, treatment and care for children and young people aged 5 to 25 with complex epilepsy and other neurological conditions
  • United Response - 40+ community units supporting people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities

 Also (not a complete listing)...

 Hampshire Partnership NHS Trust

 Oldham Social Services

 Northgate & Prudhoe NHS Trust

 Chalfont & Gerrards Cross Health Clinic

 Hightown Praetorian & Churches Housing  Association

 Conwy Borough Education Department

 Sisters of Jesus Way Retreat House

 Independence Homes (the Epilepsy Specialists)

 South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust

 North West Wales NHS Trust

 Ulster Community Hospital Trust

 Ealing Consortium

 Waltham Forest Housing Trust

 Ark Housing Association

 Phoenix NHS Trust

 Epilepsy Support, Fife


 Wiltshire County Council

 Allington NHS Trust

 Learning Disabilities Community Trust, Co  Down

 MacIntyre Care

 Guernsey Social Services

 Frenchay & Southmead Care Trust

Falkirk Social Services

 Care Rowde


 St Mary’s School

Mayday Trust

 Aspects & Milestones Trust

 AV Medicare


 Bath & West Community NHS Trust

 Bracknell Forest Borough Council

 Cissbury Lodge

 Lambeth Mencap

 Liverpool Personal service Society

 Medequip Assitive Technology


 Bedfordshire County Council

 Hertfordshire County Council

 Many Private Care Homes...

 Many Social Services Care Homes...

 ...and many individual people worldwide who suffer from a variety of seizure disorders